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No, but what gets me in this movie

is that every woman is beautiful to Giselle.

Women who wear suits and aren’t cute and petite. Women with wide hips and large rear ends and small breasts. Women who are black and white and every other ethnicity she came across, I’m sure. Women with straight hair and natural hair and grey hair. Older women and middle-aged women and young women.

Everyone is beautiful to Giselle. There’s no reason anyone wouldn’t be beautiful. There’s no reason beauty should ever be just one thing, that being a princess should ever be just one thing.

Everyone is a princess to Giselle, and if one of the princesses politely corrected her and said they were a prince she’d probably nod earnestly and talk about how dashing and handsome they looked too.

(Source: barretweed)

LOTR meme:  five races

Elves [02/05]  

Elves were the first of the Children of Ilúvatar to awaken and venture into Middle-earth.The Elves were fair and noble people, wise and skillful, possessing great knowledge of handicrafts and art.Their realms in Middle-earth – Rivendell or Imladris and especially Lothlórien – though diminished, were yet places with a different sense of time, places of light, harmony and “no stain”. The elven tongues were tuneful and pleasant to listen to.()

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